PHASE 2... MAGAZINE LAUNCH Party And Walk Off Competition! OCT. 7 At SWFW Weekend! 100 Grand Boulevard, Miramar Beach, Florida. .
Have you done your submission yet? You were waiting for the right time. Today is the day. Ready to start building your career? ACT NOW... When you start taking consistent action you will see results. Click to sign up for the event
Destin, Florida Resort. For more info to Join, sign up to get scouted or subscribe to the email news letter just click >Contact Us to submit.
THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! The System has been a labor of love to say the least but I am amazingly proud to offer this resource to models/talent and entrepreneurs determined to grow. Do yourself a favor and click the necessary link here or in the bio for info on the official launch party and Fashion Show August 13-15th, Location in Destin San Destin 30a south Walton Florida! Let's build today. I promise you this wealth of knowledge and reach will not disappoint. If you have any questions I'll be available via website, DM, inbox, text, call, smoke signals, carrier pigeon etc... Lol First and far most I want to thank God for bringing me to this point in my life and for where he plans to take all of us together into the future. I want to thank everyone who FWM this year in 2016. If you've shared any of my posts or announcements and helped me promote any of my events, fundraisers for kids or my Furbaby Rescue or for flood victims, model calls or just plain old elevating each other you are appreciated! I don't need to say names because you know who you are. Just a few. It's really been a strange year with this weird dynamic of people who are "friends," partners, associates and some that I've worked with in the past are the ones that seem to fight against me instead of for each other and together. Whew!!! But that ain't stopping nothing jack! It's time for a new era. An era of the 3 p's, process, product and most of all people. So now that all of the pleasantries are out of the way, HI, Heyyy, what's up? Hello! I can say hello in at least 8 different languages but I'm not gonna do that here. I want to welcome new people, introduce my thoughts and give you all an opportunity to introduce yourself on the contact page of the website 😊. Through these new avenues I will help models and talent with their branding and increased media to grow you as an increasing presence in the business of Modeling which in turn will increase influence, create digital products and ultimately make more $$$. The system is here to help you go from confused to barely refused. Sooo, who are you? Are you ready to grow? Stop by the ContactUs page of the website to get scouted. You'll also receive a news letter and heads up on up coming events and launches via email or the Success Blog on the website. Look to hear from you soon 😊. Ciao!
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